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Usa Wrestling Declares March 2-8 As Women?s Wrestling Week

Gray Television, Inc. We would like to see people within wrestling bring a sister, Kim Kardashian a mother, a girl friend to a wrestling tournament or practice, to help raise awareness for the opportunities in the sport, said Maroulis. As part of Womens Wrestling Week, any female athlete who is not a member of USA Wrestling is invited to come out and try the sport at a chartered club practice. USA Wrestling will provide a complimentary membership for March 2-7, the time covered by Womens Wrestling Week. USA Wrestling chartered clubs have been encouraged to allow females of all ages to attend their practice free of charge during World Wrestling Week. To find a club program in your area, visit the link below: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Membership/Athletes/Find-a-Club Additionally, female athletes with prior wrestling experience who would like to participate in a USA Wrestling sanctioned event may do so on both weekends of March 8-9 and March free 15-16. Athletes who will attend web link practices or events with the complimentary membership are asked to confirm their attendance in advance with the club leader or event host before going to the activity. United World Wrestling has also established the hashtag #EachOneBringOne for its Super 8 campaign.
More: http://www.kktv.com/sports/headlines/USA-Wrestling-declares-March-2-8-as-Womens-Wrestling-Week-293132781.html

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